Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Why should I bother affiliating with the Wise Owl Company?

We want you to succeed. We don't use that as a sales pitch. We mean it! By being a part of our community, you will understand that we really do want you to reach all-time highs in sales and earnings! Whether you're a building owner, investor or property manager wanting to get help with a lease-up, a real estate/leasing agent that's trying to improve their salesmanship, or an investor wanting to put in a request for a property, we want to help you reach your business and personal goals however we can.




 02  How do I maximize my results for the online sales training?

You need to implement what you were taught. You should be practicing AT LEAST one hour per day. However, the more you practice our techniques, the more likely that you will perfect and see results.




 03  How much time should I invest in the mentorship?

In our mentorship program, we work with you (as stated in that section) in one-hour sessions that are 4 days per week. You should be doing AT LEAST 90 minutes per day of work/research/practice. The "practice makes perfect" mentality is something we preach. To get the most out of the guidance we give in this program, you need to review materials that were discussed and perform the tasks given to you by your mentor.




 04  Why should I get involved with W.O.W. membership?

The membership is meant for those that want to improve their understanding of the real estate world. We discuss about wholesale properties, apartment sales, housing, real estate investing, salesmanship, and so much more. We make it a point to keep you informed as knowledge is power. By knowing how real estate works, you can optimize your sales conversions and further understand your audience's needs. In addition, you will be able to get advantages such as discounts to resources we offer and place yourself automatically in giveaways we do. If that wasn't enough, we also treat our members with quality information and feedback to questions they may have about real estate via webinars.