Multi Family Staffing












Wise Owl Multi Family Staffing will get you results quickly.  We work with property managers and building owners, helping them turn their vacancies into cash flow!  Let's dig a little more into detail about how our staffing process works:


Step 1:  You will have a 30 minute initial consult with one of our staffing directors.  We will gather information regarding your current vacancies, pricing, and amenities.  We will also get a better understanding of what your team is currently doing for marketing and leasing, and what that set up currently looks like.  We will then gather more traffic information from you, in order to assess whether you are getting enough traffic.  Once we have all of your information gathered regarding your building, then we will design a customized strategy for your leasing and marketing. 


Step 2:  We present you with our customized plan to getting your building leased up quickly! Here is what that would typically look like...


  • We will staff your building with our elite leasing consultants.  All of our leasing experts have been trained and mentored by the best in the lease up industry!  They use our proven formula when it comes to apartment lease ups.  Your current onsite team will not need to handle any of the leasing paperwork, which will alleviate them from leasing and will allow them to direct their attention toward other tasks, such as resident retention and management.  

  • We will amp up your current marketing plan.  It is very important that your marketing material is on point, especially when it comes to touring prospects.  After the tour, prospects must leave with powerful marketing material.  We will work with your current marketing expert, to come up with a solid marketing plan, that is tailored around your building's needs.  We know what prospects are looking for in their next apartment home, and we will make sure that your marketing material attracts their needs and desires!

  • We will have a strong understanding of your competition.  We will analyze your market, and see what kinds of competitors are in your immediate area.  We will compare these buildings to yours, and craft a marketing plan around your competition- making your building stand out the most to prospects that come for a tour! 

  • We will offer training for your on-site team.  After all your vacancies have been filled, we can hold a 2 day seminar for your onsite team, teaching them everything they need to know about how to sell your building!  Just because we are done with leasing your building, does not mean we are gone!  We will always be around for support for your onsite team, so your building can remain occupied year round!