Leasing Specialist Online Course

The apartment industry can be a tough one to decode...


Have you been struggling to close deals? What about getting appointments? Do you know how to perform the appropriate follow-up strategies to make that cold lead become a hot lead?


We understand the daily grind and struggles of up-and-coming leasing consultants. That's why we decided to help you step up your game with our Wise Owl leasing training. 

The course will cover all of the fundamentals in the leasing process:

  • Prospecting & Gathering Information 

  • Scheduling the Appointment

  • Touring the Prospect 

  • Handling Objections 

  • The Close 

  • The Follow-up

Throughout the course, you will learn how to increase your number of appointments and optimize your salesmanship. Each video is between 5-12 minutes in length with approximately 150 minutes of video in each sales series.

We use the same methods when teaching our own leasing staff. Our results speak to the quality and effectiveness of the teaching material.


With years of experience, this tried and tested leasing program can show you how to go from 0% to 100% occupancy in record-time! 

Click here to become a leasing-machine!