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Apartment Building
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Apartment Lease Up


Are you looking to increase your rent revenue and fill vacancies faster?  Wise Owl offers an apartment lease up service.  The first 12 months of a lease up is crucial, since many building owners will oftentimes lose hundreds of thousands in rent revenue in their first year!  By partnering with Wise Owl, you never have to worry about how much money you are missing out on.  We will put more money in your pocket by filling your vacancies 2-3x faster!

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Leasing Academy 


Have you been trying to get more leases but can't seem to crack the code?  We are actively searching for mentees just like you that we can mentor through the entire process.  

In our rigorous program, you will learn how to schedule more appointments, maximize on your tours, connect with your prospects, handle objections, follow up, and close on your prospects!


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Investors & Landlords 


Looking to invest in apartment buildings or other commercial and residential real estate?  Find your next investment property by partnering with Wise Owl.  We always have an off market inventory.  If we don't have exactly what you are looking for, just let us know your criteria, and once we acquire it we will let you know.    


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See How We Do It
Triple Your Rent Revenue and Lease Apartments Faster


Turn your vacancies into cash flow within the first 12 months of your apartment lease up!  Sleeping on vacancies will cost you a lot of money.  We have seen many building owners lose hundreds of thousands in their first 12 months of the apartment lease up, and take double the time to complete the lease up.  This should never be acceptable, so we are here to make sure your vacancies are filled in the quickest time possible.   

Learn From the Experts


Are you trying to get more leases?  Here are some tricks you can start implementing today to get more leases! 

Investing in Real Estate 


Investing in real estate can be very difficult if you don't have the right connections.  It is a MUST to have a source of good deals if you want to be successful.  Our acquisitions team acquires apartment buildings, vacant land, and other residential and commercial properties! 

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