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Coaching Programs

Are you trying to get more leases but are struggling?  We are here to help you crack the code to leasing more apartments!  

Register for our in-person leasing workshop!  We will come to your community to teach a live leasing workshop!  Bring up to 3 attendees, with an option to have a larger group!  This is the perfect workshop for leasing consultants of all experience levels.  This course will walk you through every step of the leasing process, and is taught by our elite educators who have achieved massive results by implementing the same tactics! When you sign up for a workshop, you will also receive copies of Sofi's latest book, The Make-It-Rain Formula For Every Apartment Lease Up.  Click here to sign up for our in-person leasing workshop!  

If you are looking for continued and undivided attention, then our Elite Training Package is for you.  You may have already completed one of our in-person leasing workshops.  Chances are you have noticed that our leasing secrets have helped boost your leasing activity!  Well that's great!  In this program, you will have a leasing mentor that will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that you are successful and get plenty of leases in a short amount of time!  If you are looking to keep the momentum going with everything that you learned from our workshop, then this is a great option!  Get more information on our Elite Training Package. 

Stay tuned for our Annual 2021 Leasing Conference!   Your on-site leasing team will walk away from this conference ready to close more leases right away!  They will learn the most powerful apartment leasing closing techniques, and upon completion of the conference, your entire team will have access to our coaching platform, so that they have constant access to our experts and mentors at all times! 


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