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Elite Training Package 

Are you trying to sharpen your team's leasing skills but don't know where to start? 

With our elite training package, your staff will be able to continue working with our coaches!  If you already attended our live workshop, chances are you will want to keep the momentum going and have full access to our team 24/7.  If so, we have you covered!  

We put together a great package deal for your leasing staff to get more leases!   

Here's what the package entails:

  • one hour weekly check-ins

  • phone calls, face-time, Skype, email, and, depending on your location and instructor, face-to-face discussions

  • Unlimited leasing support 

  • access to online leasing training videos 

  • once a month private workshop for your community's leasing specialists 

  • FREE copies of The Make-It-Rain Formula for Every Apartment Lease Up

At Wise Owl, our goal is to make your leasing specialists rockstar converters!  This way you can also save a lot of money on marketing!  Remember, if your leasing specialists are high-converters, this means more money saved on marketing!  

Fill out the form below to get your leasing team signed up for our elite training package! 

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