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Handyman & Grouting Services

Wise Owl Company has now introduced a new service.  This is a very crucial service when it comes to leasing apartments.  If you are a property manager or landlord, and you are trying to rent your units with dirty bathroom tiles, or simply a unit that is not made-ready, this can reflect on your leasing performance.  

So that is why we are offering our handyman and grouting services.  We created this service to be an affordable way for investors and property managers to fix up their units and rent them quickly!

If you are looking for handymen in Fort Myers, Naples, or Cape Coral, we are your go-to team! 

We also offer grouting services in Southwest Florida.  If you are touring prospects and show them a dirty bathroom, this is a very quick way to repel renters!  So make sure your grout is looking clean!

Wise Owl grouting services will ensure that your bathrooms and kitchen tiles are looking on point and rent-ready! 

For a limited time only, we are offering 25% off of any of our handymen and grouting services! 

Contact us today to get your FREE CONSULTATION!  

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