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How to Handle Common Objections When Leasing Apartments

Leasing apartments isn't all that easy when you don't know how to handle objections. That is why it is important to know every objection that may come your way. Maybe you are a property manager, and you are trying to fill a ton of vacancies. Or maybe you are a Realtor or leasing agent that is trying to get some leases.

If you can not overcome the objections, then do not expect to lease! It's as simple as that. Begin with asking yourself what types of objections you may get. If you are having a difficult time figuring out what those objections may be, then put yourself in the prospect's shoes.

If you were apartment hunting, what would you look for? Would it be location? Price? Or what about square footage of the apartment?

Now picture a leasing agent trying to sell you on an apartment that is in a gentrifying location, but the price is fair and you get full access to all amenities in the apartment building?

When the leasing agent tries to close on you, you are obviously going to send some objections their way. You will more than likely tell them you like everything, but you are concerned about the area and its safety, since it's in a gentrifying area.

The leasing agent must know how to overcome your objection. And if they are prepared and trained, they will know exactly how to overcome your objection about safety and location.

A well-trained leasing agent has been through a great leasing training program, and they understand that with every answer they give, they will leave something positive in that prospect's mind.

So if the prospect is concerned about the location, then the leasing agent reminds them of how much money they will be saving every month by leasing an apartment in their building.

You see, with every negative there should be a positive. If you are a leasing agent struggling to get leases, just remember this. It will be a strong closing tool for you, and will allow you to start getting more leases fast!

If you are looking for leasing agent training, check out Wise Owl Company's online courses. Call us today, and let's chat!

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