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4 Ways to Close More Leases

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

Do you feel like your sales conversions aren't where they should be? Make sure that you're doing these 4 things to increase your closing chances...

Know Your Audience

Your clients consist in one of the four categories: Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z. Each generation has their own specific preferences, quirks, and ideas about what they want when looking for an apartment. If you can

Don't forget: Knowledge is power. Use it to your advantage!

Dress for Success

When you're selling an apartment to someone, you're selling more than just the apartment. You're selling the lifestyle. If you're trying to sell a higher-end apartment, you're also selling a higher-end life style. This means that you shouldn't look sloppy. Who would want to pay top dollar at a place that has sloppy staff? Plus, when you dress nice, it shows the customer that you are bringing your A-game.

Act Confident

NEVER try to persuade someone to lease an apartment when you don't sound confident in it. If you don't show confidence, you'll kill the entire sale from the very beginning. If your apartment complex has killer amenities, talk about how amazing your amenities are. And have some confidence when you're talking about it. How can you expect your customer to feel confident about making a decision when you're not even confident about it?

Follow the Money

So many leasing agents never even follow up after the tour. This is a big mistake. You should be following up every day, or until the prospect literally tells you to stop. Even if your prospect isn't ready to make a decision quite yet, you should still keep that prospect on a regular follow up schedule.

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