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How to Get a Leasing Specialist Job

Maybe you have been thinking about becoming a leasing specialist for an apartment community.

You came across the job ad on Indeed, and you have always wanted to get into real estate.

If you are someone looking to get into entry level sales and the idea of selling housing sounds interesting to you, then becoming a leasing specialist may be a great fit for you!

Chances are, you need training. But that's ok, because Wise Owl Company has all of the training resources you need to become a successful leasing specialist!

In the meantime, it's important to fully understand what your roles as a leasing specialist will be.

So let's explore into what exactly a leasing specialist does!

Making Appointments and Going on Tours

One of the most important roles a leasing specialist has is setting new appointments and going on tours. Without these, there are no leases. Remember, the sole purpose of a leasing specialist is to get leases for the apartment community. So it all begins with a tour, and you must first set the tour in order to go on a tour, right? Knowing little handy tricks to maximizing appointments will come in useful when you are trying to get as many leases as possible.

A Leasing Specialist Sells the Floorplans and Community

If you are a leasing specialist at an apartment community, you will need to make sure that you are really selling the community to the customer. Why should the customer sign a lease at your community? Is it because the cool fitness center and resort-style pool? The floor plans are also a large factor when it comes to signing leases. The customer is searching for a floorplan that fits their needs. Knowing how to sell the community and floor plans is a must when you are a leasing specialist.

A Leasing Specialist Needs to Close and Follow Up

If you don't like sales, then you might as well forget about becoming a leasing specialist. A leasing specialist must enjoy closing and following up with customers. You will spend the majority of your day following up with previous customers that have already toured. Having good closing and follow up methods will help you BIG TIME!

Having a Positive Attitude is a Must for Leasing Specialists

Let's face it, just like with anything sales oriented, times will get tough. You will have weeks where you barely get any leases, if any at all. You will begin to question if it's something you are doing wrong and if you are even cut out for leasing. During these times, it is most important to have a positive attitude, learn from your mistakes, pick back up, and improve! Wise Owl Company has many training tools that you can utilize to become a rockstar leasing specialist and boost your leasing performance!

So if you are someone that is actively looking for a leasing specialist job, reach out to us today! We will be glad to point you in the right direction, give you some closing tools, and even get you a job as a leasing specialist!

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