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Simple Steps To Rent More Apartments

While renting apartments does come with a lot of excitement, it can also create a lot of frustration.

It's not easy to tell your Regional manager that you are struggling with renting the apartments when they are brand new! To all my lease up property managers, you know what we're talking about here!

So why is it that you have brand new apartments but are still struggling to hit your leasing targets for the month?

Let's dig into some simple steps that will drastically help you rent more apartments!

1). Initial Contact

How quick is your response time when reaching out to new leads? When a prospect signs up on your website for more information on your apartments, are you taking a day to reach out to them? Or are you reaching out right away? Remember, if a lead is sitting around in your inbox, it becomes a dead lead!

2). Enough Information

Are you giving your prospect enough information to WANT to make an appointment? The whole purpose of your initial contact is to provide your lead with more information, in order for them to want to set up a tour to see your apartments.

3). Set the Tour

At the end of your initial conversation, your goal should be to set up a tour with your prospect. Make sure you are giving them enough information, including pricing, in your initial conversation!

4). Ace the Tour

This is our favorite part- the actual tour! This is your time to make your community shine and stand apart from the others! Remember, your prospect is more than likely touring 5 other communities that day, so make sure you make their visit as special as possible!

5). The Close

By this point, you toured your prospect, and they love your floor plans, amenities, and lifestyle! If you know this to be true, you MUST go for the close at the end. But remember, in order for your close to be powerful, you need to make sure your prospect has all of the information they need to make a decision.

6). The Follow Up

More than likely, your prospect won't want to make a decision on the spot. They will tell you they still need to shop around and see a few more places. If they tell you this, that's FINE. However, you must NOT drop the ball here and leave it up to the prospect to "keep you posted". You need to keep following up with them. And if you have any specials going on, this could be a good time to keep your prospect posted with all your great specials!

Always remember, Wise Owl Company is here to help! If your leasing specialists need help implementing these steps, we are glad to work with them to boost their leasing activity!

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