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Are There Negative Attitudes in Your Leasing Office?

Negative attitudes are like cancer, they spread. So if you are a property manager or building owner, and you are starting to notice bad attitudes in your leasing office, this can be a huge issue. And believe us, it will only get worse by the day.

So you may be wondering, why the negative attitude? Well, there are many reasons that can explain why your office has some negative attitudes.

Here are some things to keep in mind when addressing negative behavior in the office:

1). Are you giving your leasing specialists all the support they need?

Part of the role as a property manager is to be the leader of your team. Your leasing specialists count on your leadership on a daily basis. If you want your leasing specialists to get a lot of leasing activity, then you better make sure you are there supporting them through it all. Are you making sure that your leasing specialists have up-to-date marketing material? Are you there for them when they have questions or concerns?

2). Are your leasing specialists being rewarded enough?

Leasing apartments is not an easy task. You may be writing down the weekly leasing goals, but are you rewarding your leasing specialist when they reach these goals? Or maybe they just got one lease and didn't meet their goal yet? Are you still rewarding them for the one lease they got? Remember, people always like to be rewarded, so don't slack in that department!

3). Are you providing enough coaching for your leasing specialist?

Every leasing specialist needs training, no matter how great they are! We have seen it happen many times, but many leasing specialists don't receive the adequate training they need. We are not just talking about training on how to lease apartments, but training on YOUR specific community. Does this leasing specialist know HOW to sell your community in the best way possible? Do they have tricks up their sleeves to close on prospects?

If you need help with training your leasing specialists, Wise Owl Company offers leasing specialist training for your on-site team! We will do a diagnosis of where your team currently is at, and then build on that. After our leasing specialist training is over, your leasing specialists will feel confident about selling your community! And most importantly, their closing ratios will increase, which means more leases for you!

Call us today for your free consult and let's get you more leases!

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