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Are You Spending A Lot on Marketing, But Still No Leases?

Have you been spending hundreds (or thousands) of dollars marketing your apartments but still not getting any leases?

Well, you are not alone in this battle. Here at Wise Owl, we call it the marketing vs. leasing battle. And let us tell you, it's a tough one to beat!

A lot of apartment communities find themselves spending a lot of money on marketing, to come to find out that there is something missing...

The leases!

You can spend millions of dollars on marketing, but if you don't know what to do with the traffic, then all that marketing absolutely means nothing. And yes, you can say you have successfully wasted all of that marketing money.

Don't let this be you. Instead, it's time to dig into what could be the issue here.

If you are spending a sufficient budget on marketing, you should be getting some kind of traffic. Of course, this also depends on many other factors as well, such as location.

Now, here's the thing. If you are getting traffic to walk through your doors, but prospects are leaving and you never hear back from them, then this is a BIG issue.

Here's how you can correct this issue before it starts negatively affecting your leasing and draining your marketing dollars...

Tip #1: Make sure your curb appeal and model apartment are showing nicely

If you don't have a model unit, that's fine, but make sure whichever apartments you are showing to the public show well! If there is a musky smell, or if carpets and tile appear to look dirty, no one will want to rent the apartment. It doesn't matter how great your amenities are, either!

Tip #2: Make sure you are handling all objections accordingly

If you are a leasing specialist and you are struggling with answering objections, then polish up on common objections right away! Know what the objections will be, and crush them! Believe us, prospects will run the other direction if objections are not handled in the best and most suitable manner.

Tip #3: Be professional, and play the part

Always dress and speak professionally when you are touring prospects. Part of being professional is also knowing how to tour prospects in a way that makes the community stand apart from others. If you tour in a professional manner, the prospect will feel much more valued. And feeling valued as a customer is priceless!

Tip #4: Follow up with your prospect

A lot of prospects forget that they toured your community, since they tour many others usually in the same day! So don't let that happen. Always follow up, and even get some feedback!

Wise Owl Company is offering free consultations right now, only for a limited time! If you are curious to see where you may be falling short in your leasing process, feel free to reach out today and let's chat! Let's SAVE you some money by not wasting your marketing dollars!

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