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How to Hire the Perfect Leasing Specialist

Let's face it, being short of staff is one of the most painful headaches. As we already know, things can get crazy FAST in property management. So you cannot afford to not have enough team players.

Whether you are an apartment building owner or a property manager, these are a few tips that you may find helpful in hiring a new leasing specialist.

Look for a sharp dresser

First impression is everything, no matter what type of business you are in. We have seen so many sloppy looking leasing professionals, and believe me, it won't help you get any leases. So look for someone that plays the part, and dresses sharply!

Look for confidence

Leasing apartments is definitely a sales position. People in sales MUST have confidence, and they must have confidence when it comes to selling your product as well. If you hire someone that is not confident, imagine them touring the prospect while not sounding confident. We would like to know how this person handles objections!

Evaluate the handshake and friendliness

I know we are in Covid times, but handshakes were one of the most important first impressions. So once we go back to normalcy and start shaking hands again, keep an eye out for that handshake. How does this person grip your hand? Do they seem confident? What is their posture like? Is this person warm and welcoming? A friendly leasing specialist is always a must! We have never seen a rude leasing specialist hammer through leases!

Does the candidate seem teachable?

You never want a close-minded leasing specialist. Always look out for cues if this person is trying to improve, and if they are seeking additional coaching. As an educator of leasing, we personally LOVE hiring those that seem moldable and want to learn and improve.

Always lookout for the follow-up

Did the person you just interviewed follow-up with you after the interview? Remember, this is a sales position, which means that the person you are interviewing should have sales skills. Follow-up is definitely a sales skill that you want to make sure your leasing specialist has. Without follow-up, there are no leases!

If you would rather leave the hiring and training up to Wise Owl Company, give us a call today or send us an email. We will spot the talent and place them in your building, so you can start getting leases quickly!

Simply let us know what you are trying to accomplish at your building, and we will have a solution for you! :)

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