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How to Lease Apartments During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Apartment leasing during a pandemic is not necessarily the easiest task. As you may be experiencing, the entire world has been paused. This includes the closure of businesses, parks, festivals, traveling, and more.

If you are in property management, you may be doing everything you can to socially distance yourself. If you are currently working on a lease up, or trying to lease apartments, this pandemic no doubt has changed the dynamic of what you are doing to get leases. As a matter of fact, it may have even negatively affected you. And if I am to take a guess, I would say the Coronavirus is making it very difficult to lease apartments for not only you, but for everyone.

After all, most people want to see the apartment in person before they lease. So it becomes a challenge when you are still expected to lease apartments when you are not able to tour prospective tenants.

So what is the solution here? Can you still stay on track with that apartment lease up? If you are looking to attract people that are trying to rent an apartment, you need to make yourself available to them.

So how do you do it? How do you lease an apartment without showing it in person?

Let's say you currently have apartments for rent in Philadelphia. Here are some tricks that will help you lease apartments during the Coronavirus pandemic:

1) Follow Up With Leads Right Away

As soon as a lead signs up, follow up right away. Don't wait hours, or even minutes. You should be refreshing that lead inbox, and as soon as a new lead comes through, pick up that phone right away! The quicker the follow up, the more chances you have to help that person find their perfect new apartment home. Remember, just because we are going through a pandemic, does not mean that people don't need a place to live. Housing will always be a necessity, so treat it like one, and quickly follow up with your leads!

2). Make Your Apartments Ideal During A Tough Time

You may recall the last time you moved, and more than likely it was a headache. No one likes moving. Worse yet, could you imagine moving during a pandemic where the entire world is pretty much shut down? During this time, you need to comfort the prospect, and make your moving process seem effortless for the prospect. They need to know that if they choose to sign a lease with you, that they would be able to move in without any issues. Make that clear to them.

3). Sell Your Product and Don't Forget to Create Urgency

Although there is enough urgency and panic in the world today, you should still create a sense of urgency when leasing apartments. Remember, you need to present yourself as the leasing office that is there to help prospects find their perfect home, and because you are so available during a painful time like this, you are very high in demand. This means that your apartments won't last long on the market. Make sure you are expressing this during this time, this way prospects can make their decision.

4). Offer a Virtual Tour

If your prospect can not view the apartment in-person, then you must have a plan B here. Are you sending photos of the layout? Well, I would personally spice things up, and have a virtual tour for the prospect to view. This will be the prospect's way of touring the apartment, so make sure that you are including all details in the virtual tour.

5). Make Sure Your Prospect Has All the Details

You can not expect your prospect to lease an apartment without having all of the information. So make sure that your prospect is receiving all information. They need to know what the process is like to reserve an apartment, and everything that would come included. They also need to know how much money it would be to move-in, and what utilities they would be responsible for. You won't be able to ask the prospect to start their application process if they don't already have this information.

6). Don't Be Afraid to Close

Never fear the close. I have seen so many leasing specialists avoid being too pushy, and because of this, they never go for the close. What's the worst that will happen? They will say no. There are many ways to get a prospect to lease, so if you are enrolled in my course, you know what I'm talking about here.

Most importantly, keep doing your best every day! Set goals, and don't give up. Stay on track with your leasing deadlines, and keep positive. Happy Leasing!

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