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Landlords & Property Managers: Here's 3 Ways to Fill Your Vacancies Fast

If you are a landlord and have a vacancy that you are trying to fill, then you are not alone. We have spoken to many landlords, especially over the past few months, that have been concerned about their higher vacancy rates.

Maybe you are trying to get a re-finance, or maybe you just want more rental cash flow.

These are some of the many reasons why it's important to fill vacancies quickly.

So now the question is- how exactly do you fill those vacancies quickly?

Here are 3 ways that will help you boost that occupancy rate:

1). Make sure you are marketing your apartments

Never ever slack on marketing your apartments. How do your listings appear to prospects? Do you have the best photos advertising your property? If the photos or descriptions are not on point, then chances are that you will notice less traffic. Part of marketing is knowing how to convey the beauty of your community to prospects that have not yet toured it. If they read the property description, can they accurately envision living in your community or calling one of your apartments home? Photos should also appear professional, and should always show a lot of natural lighting if you have it!

2). Win the tour and make the prospect wanting more

First of all, you should be a master at setting up apartment tours. If you are not already, or are a new leasing specialist, let Wise Owl coach you on how to become a master at setting up a lot of tours. But if you are already getting a lot of touring activity, are you winning the tour? This means that the prospect does not leave without (at least) verbally committing that they would like to fill out an application. The prospect should feel like they are ready to pull the trigger when they are finished with your tour. This means that you should have provided them with all of the information that they need to know in order to make their decision to live in your community.

3). Always follow up with your prospect

After the prospect tours your community, how quick are you to follow up with them? When you are leasing apartments, follow up is key! Without follow up, there will be no leases, we can guarantee that! As a leasing specialist, you should have powerful follow up scripts that you are using to get your prospect hooked and wanting to sign a lease right away! If you need a follow up script, reach out to Wise Owl Company, and we will be sure to help you with getting the right tools to closing more leases!

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