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Should You Use a Multi Family Staffing Company?

If you are in property management, you understand how frequently staff come and go. We have been around many property managers that are constantly hiring and firing. They can NEVER seem to find the right leasing specialist.

Property managers, we totally get why this can be such a headache! After all, how hard can it be to just find a good leasing specialist?

Well, the unfortunate answer is, very very difficult.

At Wise Owl Company, we strive to make property managers' lives a lot easier. We simply do this by placing the best staff in your building.

Our background is heavily focused on orchestrating successful lease ups, and we understand the talent it takes to lease your building quickly!

We have built years of experience in the apartment lease up industry and can spot talent when we see it! Why go looking elsewhere for your next leasing talent, when you can just come to us?

Co-owner and founder, Sofia Curkovic, strongly believes that the success of your lease up has almost 100% to do with how strong your leasing specialist onsite is. Are they converting at a high percentage for you?

If not, this can be an issue, as you will notice all of your marketing dollars go down the drain. Sofia believes that a strong leasing specialist will save you a lot of money, because it doesn't take as much traffic for a strong leasing specialist to convert as it does for a weak leasing specialist. So unfortunately, the weaker the leasing specialist is, the more money for marketing you are going to have to dish out.

Being in the property management industry for quite some time, we have noticed how property managers struggle with finding the right talent for their building. And let's face it, this process of hiring can be VERY time consuming and discouraging. And all that happens is the property manager is left with all the work.

This is why Wise Owl Company was born, to make the hiring process turn key for the property managers. Instead of looking for weeks for the right leasing specialist, why not get your dream leasing specialist at the click of a button?

And the best part is, our service does not cost you a single dime out of pocket! Our staffing is 100% performance-based, so you don't even have to worry about paying us until we get you leases!

So should you be using multi family staffing companies to find your next talented leasing specialist?

Well, in our option, the answer is most definitely YES!

Give us a call or text today to set up a time to speak with one of our directors, and let's see if you are a match for our multi family staffing!

We are currently staffing apartment buildings in West Palm Beach, Naples, and Philadelphia! Ask about our other locations as well!

Happy Leasing! :)

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