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The 3 Types of Prospects You Will Get When Leasing Apartments

To all of our leasing specialists and property managers out there, this one is for you. Every time you tour a prospect at your community, you can always categorize them in one of these 3 categories:

  1. Super motivated

  2. Just looking

  3. Not interested

Which one of these types of prospects did you already tour today?

Obviously, if you toured the "super motivated" type, we hope you secured a new lease by now!

Whatever type of prospects you toured today, you MUST know how to maximize on each type. It is your duty to make sure that you did whatever possible to try and convert this prospect into a lease. But knowing how to start and in what manner is very important, and can either make or break you in the leasing process!

Let's get started on decoding each of these types of prospects:

The Super Motivated Type

This is the type of prospect that seems ready to sign right now. Of course some may be more motivated than others, but it is your duty to find out exactly "how" motivated this person is. Are they begging you to send them the application to get started? Or do they just seem pretty reassuring that they will lease? It's important to look out for certain signs that your prospect is reassuring that they will sign a lease. Does your prospect seem like they light up when they hear you talking about the community? Do they constantly agree with you and see themselves living at your community? Are they asking you what the process looks like to apply?

The Just Looking Type

This is the person who is usually pretty poker-faced throughout the entire apartment tour. This person doesn't say anything, or show any kind of emotion. They don't really ask any questions either, and they don't seem too proactive with making a decision. Now don't get us wrong, these are the BEST kinds of prospects to convert into leases! This is actually going to be the majority of your prospect type! They are going to make you work for the lease, believe us! If you get this kind of prospect, be ready to SELL! Some pointers here are to ask your prospect questions that gets them to open up. Knowing the right kinds of questions to ask can make or break you in this situation, however.

The Not Interested Type

Don't be hard on yourself if you don't convert this prospect into a lease. There can be many reasons why this prospect is not interested. Maybe they are just simply not ready yet. All you can do with this prospect is FOLLOW UP! No matter what type of prospect you have, you must always remember to follow up with them. You would be surprised how many times we have seen the uninterested type sign the lease! So never give up!

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