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Wan't More Leases? Spend Less on Marketing!

Have you EVER heard anyone tell you that if you want more leases then you should spend LESS on marketing?

Chances are, you have never been recommended this.

If you are a property manager managing an apartment complex, or an owner of a multi family, you may be used to spending more money on marketing to get more leases.

It would make sense, right?

But at Wise Owl, we recommend doing the complete opposite.

So if you want more leases, then spend less money on marketing!

Here's why we recommend this...

You see, so many management companies spend more money on marketing, and lack the horse power when it comes to their leasing staff.

What good is it if you have a lot of traffic but a leasing specialist that can't convert that traffic?

What is happening here is you are wasting money. You are wasting money by funneling more money into marketing, just to find out that no one is interested in your community after they tour.

Don't have this problem, please.

You know what would help you increase YOUR leasing activity?

A highly converting leasing specialist!

So let's say you now have a highly converting leasing specialist sitting in your office. They are taking tours with all of the traffic that you paid for. And you want to know what they are doing differently?

They are converting those tours into leases!

So if you have a highly converting leasing specialist, you are actually able to reduce your marketing spending by A LOT actually!

A highly converting leasing specialist can convert AT LEAST one in every three tours. A not-so-good leasing specialist will NOT even convert one of those three tours!

Let's say it costs you $300 for the lead acquisition of those 3 tours. Leasing specialist "A" is the highly converting one, and leasing specialist "B" struggles with converting.

In order for leasing specialist B to convert the same as leasing specialist A, you would need to spend much more money on marketing.

With leasing specialist "A", you can spend less on marketing, saving you money in the back end! :)

So where can you find leasing specialist "A"?

At Wise Owl Company, we have these kinds of leasing specialists ready to start working at your building and getting you leases! This way you can save money and get more leases at the same time!

Ask us how, and let's chat!

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